Monday, May 29, 2017

Retired! the gifts (pt 2)

My family gave me such thoughtful retirement gifts that I thought I'd share them with you. The little Scentsy pot above came from Rory and Meggan. I wish this funky design came in fabric. :)

This pretty fabric is from one of my cousins. She and her mom are both quilters, and Shelly was on a shop hop of sorts. Her vacation took her from Texas to Arkansas to Louisiana. She probably visited every quilt shop along the way and picked these up especially for my retirement. 

This old dictionary (1939 copyright) is from the sisters. Sid picked it up on a recent antiquing haunt. She loves antique shopping, even when there is nothing on her shopping list, so when she ran across this Twenthieth Century Dictionary, she immediately thought of my retirement. Are you ready for the best part?

It's unabridged! Huge! Mammoth! Even bigger than I've seen in some libraries. It must be one for large public libraries or perhaps a college campus. I can't imagine that smaller libraries could have afforded this. (I know all about those budgets.) I should weigh it. Measure it. Count the words.

A typical page--look at the tiny size of the font! Never mind on the counting words. 

Added to the dictionary is this beautiful little painting. The moment I opened the package I asked if it's to remember how much I loved my students. The smile on Sid's face said it all. Angie kept giving Sid credit but they were in this together. Sid texted pictures of her great "finds" to Angie for approval. They could not have chosen better. 

 I wish everyone had sisters who were as loving as these two. 

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Karen S said...

What lovely and thoughtful gifts. The dictionary reminds me of one we had a home as children. I was always fascinated with it from a very young age. You have some lovely treasures.