Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pincushion Finishes

Several weeks ago I was making plans to go to my quilt retreat in Fountainbleu State Park. We discussed and decided to each bring a small something to the other retreaters. I made the quilted containers from scraps, but I felt that they really weren't much and decided to add a pincushion to the containers. Since I've been keeping the pincushion sort of secret, I thought I'd show some of the ones that made. 

At first I thought I'd bring each person one of the square pincushions like these below, but after seeing just how many I had made, I decided instead to bring them each one square and one rectangle. 

My idea was that they would have one for the work table and one for right in front of their machines.

I honestly can't say which of the two shapes they liked more, but I can say that they seemed especially happy with their little gifts. I'll have to write a post about the items that they gave later in the week. I was absolutely thrilled with everything that I received. In fact, I used two gifts before leaving the retreat and made plans for one other gift while I drove home.

 A special thanks to Amanda Jean Nyberg for her wonderful idea of keeping the completed pincushions in a pretty basket, ready to go to their new owners at a moments notice.

This is a before picture of the basket. An after picture would be a picture of an empty basket...nothing to see there so no photo.

What do you think of giving a quilter yet another pincushion to add to her collection? Is it a good gift or just repeating the obvious?

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FlashinScissors said...

Gorgeous pinnies, Mary! Love them all! Especially the long thin blue and red one, and I'd love to know what size it is? It's so cute!
I'm always making pincushions, as you will see if you visit my blog here:
I'd say you can never have too many!
Barbara x