Saturday, May 27, 2017

Retired! the cake (pt 1)

I'm really not as excited as the picture card says. I'm supposed to be, I guess, but it's just not happening. Of course, on my very last day I worked until four o'clock. It's alright, I don't need to go back.  I hope.

A couple of my sisters and I planned to meet for supper to celebrate. They began inviting a few more family members and ended up with 26 or so people! That's how we do things in this family...start small and let it grow.

Everybody jumps on the fun train. Sisters and brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews, sons and daughters-in-law, grandies and great-grandie. Just a big mix of family...which is why it was perfect.

Well, almost everything was perfect.  Angie declined making a cake because her house is being remodeled. So Sid ordered one. She went to the place, wrote down what she wanted and got this in return. "Ahhhh, Retirement Congrat Mary"

Sid's explanation for the error is that there's one less teacher in the world. The outcome is that people can't spell and certainly don't know grammar. She was quite embarrassed, but I think it's adorable and a great story.  

Sid could be an English teacher herself. She held several jobs during her husband's military career, most of those involved writing, planning, proofreading and such. She's got a touch of perfectionism in her veins, so the drive to the restaurant must have been pure torture. 

It's entirely possible that they (Angie felt a bit ashamed having declined earlier) were more obsessed by the blunder than I would be. That's one reason I'm still tickled by the whole event--to work so hard and have to face (of all people) a retired English teacher with a mispelled cake. Not "ahhh" but "arggg."

What have you done when you've discovered a grammatical error in a place of business?


Kaja said...

Congratulations on your retirement! I see errors and let them pass, but my mum has been known to march into shops and let them know they're wrong (but then she was a teacher and I'm not...)

Karen S said...

Well it finally arrived. Well done and congratulations.
Love the cake regardless of the s. The problem disappears when you cut the cake and eat it!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Yes! Retired finally! Thanks for the good wishes. My sister would have definitely gone back to correct the error, Kaja, but it was too late when she noticed. She was terribly embarrassed, but it added to the laughter. We're a fun-loving bunch, as my mom used to say. Karen, I would have cut the missing s section first, but I'd forgotten about it by the time we got to the cake. Of course, we were so many that we ate beyond the missing s anyway.