Thursday, September 26, 2019

Build a Quilt Show, Or a Bad Monday

First, you'll need lots of hands. You also need one really patient, hard-working husband. The kind who doesn't quit. Or take a break. Or know when to go home. The kind who can push past his own limits and drag you along. 

And you need friends who will do just about anything, show up on time, and work hard doing things they may not have done before--like work power tools. 

Credit for all photos goes to Helen Mire
Next, you need to have a good plan. And be able to delegate. Then be able to ditch every. single. bit. Of all of it. No, that, too. Whatever that is. Switch to Plan B. Then jump on Plan C. Then forget the plans and wing it. Or let said husband take over. He will anyway, why didn't you just let him loose? (Okay, so it wasn't really like that.)
No one is angry here. This photo of Mrs. Stress, who
is married to Mr. Dilemna, quite often looks just like this.

Finally, go with the one thing you really didn't want to do and tweak it along the way. Have a meltdown, throw a hissy-fit (that's a Southern b-word, btw) and be diplomatic. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
Now breath. It's going to be fine. Here's how Day 1 went down: Ten of our guild sisters turned up and waited patiently while these guys unloaded the trailer and moved wood into staging areas.

Then the ladies put cup hooks onto the wide sides of the 2x4s according to my plans. In the meantime, Richard measured the space only to discover that the info I'd been given was off. Way off. The room was ten feet shorter and six feet narrower. Talk about a difference. Let's not go into how that happened. 

So then I had to scurry around trying to reconfigure the floor plan. In the end I had to have five straight, parallel rows of 2x4s to hang quilts. The mathematics that I'd spent hours on in an effort to streamline the work was ditched. "Just put the hooks every 15 inches." And in less than 30 minutes every bit of work I'd done had been reconfigured into the one setup I'd been trying to avoid. It may work better this way, or not. I have moved on.

We hauled wood, screwed in hooks, built walls, reinforced walls, set up bases, then moved bases, and managed to leave at five o'clock with the hanging system in place. And that was Monday. 

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Karen S said...

Looks like a crazy day. So hard to work with wrong info. Well done to get to where you did.

jenclair said...

Ha! Stressful day--I can see why you'd want to move on. :)

Kaja said...

Wow, that's so much work even without hiccups. (I'm a big fan of the diplomatic meltdown approach.) I hope things go more smoothly for you from now on.