Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Flowers and Fish (and more f-words)

Is that not an odd combination? But, yeah, that's today's title. Flowers on my family's graves. Fabric for a new challenge I've found. And fish from our pond, thanks to a sweet husband. First though, I'm going to stop making all the fs bold. You get the idea, right? So enough of that. 

Okay, the flowers are new silk flowers that Richard and I put on the graves of parents, grandparents and one great-uncle. Richard swept the graves to get the dust and leaves off while I arranged the flowers. Then we took the flowers out of whatever vase and re-arranged them. Every time. I don't know why. We just didn't like the first arrangement of anything. Oh, maybe I just used it as an excuse to stay a little longer. 

Finally we've arrived at the other f-word, fish. That would be the ones Richard caught in our backyard pond. In the pouring rain, can you tell? We have catfish, perch, and bass. I say we, but I don't fish. My daughters-in-law do but I just can't. The best I do is to listen to the stories and eat, preferably fried but baked is good. Do you have a favorite fish recipe? Here in the South fish is fried. That's the end of any arguments for healthy eating. Since I rarely cook, I just eat. I'm not even sure I listen to the stories. It's entirely possible that I just put on my listening face and enjoy the food, and no one is the wiser.

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