Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pin It Weekly #296

EDIT 11/14/2019: I am oh, so sorry that I did not post this photo and link to Preeti's bird quilt. How could I? I'm sorry Preeti. Truly. It hangs out in the studio where Milly can kiss it when she comes in. She loves them. 

Welcome back to the birds! Sunday's Quilt Inspiration was so very popular that I decided to go with it, one more time. The reason for only one time is that tomorrow I go to Houston to Quilt Festival. 


I'll have photos to share later so I'll just show you a few more bird pins in the meantime. Check out the cuteness in these fabric, paper, sculptural and mixed media birds.

New Free of Charge color pencil drawing Tips  Put in writing painting will be single, for example it provides a solo hued, however with several brightness values. Wh #Charge #color #drawing #Free #pencil #TipsBird Ornaments fabric stuffed body and fabric covered poster board wing

Bird wall quilt

Quilt block idea.  Applique the triangles and petals, embroider the beaks, tails, and stems.

Plum age

Blue Bird on a Poppy 8 X 10 custom matted print -

All Dressed Up  Reproduced from my original colored pencil drawing, this print comes sandwiched between a professionally hand-cut white mat and archival foam board. It is signed on the mat, sealed in a biodegradable plastic sleeve, and ready for the standard 8 X 10 frame of your choice.  Ships viaBlue Bird sur une impression personnalisée emmêlé de coquelicot 8 X 10

Fabric Bird

Bug Art B024 Four Blue Birds greetings cardMaking a Spring Bird Souvenir on Your Own -

Bird 1 bird toys embroidered bird mothers day gift bird | Etsy


Preeti said...

Oh Mary, how could you???
A whole blogpost (actually two) on birds and no mention of the bird mini quilt that you made from the leftover bird I sent you?
Hope all is well with you :-)

Mary Marcotte said...

Oh Preeti! You're right. What kind of friend am I???
I've been remiss, but I've corrected the error with many apologies and love!