Saturday, October 12, 2019


Rory dropped off a couple of items that needed some work. First, the girls' uniforms needed belt loops. I didn't have any of the plaid and the navy that is closest to the one one the uniforms is definitely not a perfect match. 

It's not about perfection, though. It's about following the rules and the rules say belt loops are required. 

The other item that he left is this pair of shorts which needed a button replaced. I was searching the pockets for the old button in case he had kept it and discovered two buttons sewn into the pocket lining. That was easy.

Because the waistband was weak where the button had pulled off, I added a small piece of fabric to the inside. I hand sewed it like a label and then sewed on the button as I normally would. The fabric matches fairly closely. Regardless, it's on the inside and won't show when he buttons the pants. Other than still reading Doctor Zhivago and babysitting, that's been most of my week. How did yours go?


Karen S said...

Love the way family still bring their mending home.

Unknown said...

Yes, Karen, they do. I hadn't thought about it being a way to bring them home, but I suppose it is. I guess it's a way to enjoy it a little more.