Saturday, July 2, 2011

Done and Delivered

Today I finished the quilt for the La. Cotton Quilters Guild.  I was close enough, as I mentioned yesterday.  Even with a late start I was able to finish up and deliver the quilt just after lunch.  Donna and I drove over to Mary C.'s  home to visit, have coffee, and deliver the quilt.  She has a beautiful home and lovely sewing room, which is overflowing with projects and some of the yummiest of fabrics.  

Mrs. Mary shared a couple of websites with us for purchasing fabric and embroidery packs at great prices: the Eleanor Burns Fabric Frenzy site and Embroidery Online.  

We also chatted about a new quilt shop that Donna discovered in Lafayette called Lola Pink. Since we're going to visit the kids in Lafayette tomorrow, I am hoping to make a little detour to Lola Pink.  Apparently it's quite close to one son's home.  Now that would be convenient, don't you think?

We've made plans to attend a quilt show in Krotz Springs.  Our guild was invited to visit and to show some our work.  We've been "sister guilds" in that we support each other's shows and fundraisers and occasionally attend each other meetings.  I'm pretty excited since I haven't attend a quilt show in a while.

Here are a few pictures of the quilt draped over my sofa.  It's quilted but not completed.  Mrs. Mary will square it up and sew on the binding, then she and Donna will hand finish it and trim the many threads I left on. This is the Christmas quilt that I showed close ups of in this post.  We are raffling it in the next few months as a fundraiser for the guild.

What do you think?  Won't it make a good fundraiser for our guild?


Cherry Red Quilter said...

I love the quilt - it is a great design!

LaDonna and Diana said...

This should sell a lot of raffle tickets! So striking with the colors and design!