Monday, July 25, 2011

Ruston afternoon

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Ever visit a town not too far away, for whatever reason, and somehow manage to spend a few minutes touring the place?  That's pretty much how Richard and I spent our afternoon.  After my workshop and a brief rest, we started off with a driving tour of the city, then found a parking space downtown and did a little walking tour.  I managed a few pictures, one of which is......

ta daa! a fabric shop!  No we didn't shop, but that's beside the point....the point is that I found one without even trying.  
It's just too easy, I tell you.  

a pretty little water fountain in the middle 
of a little square on the old railroad track

The gorgeous scroll work on the top of an old bank building.  
In person, this is so beautiful!  Oh the quilt designs!!!

just too cute rubber duckies swimming around in a water fountain.  They were just outside a children's clothing perfect?!

Okay, I'll admit it, this building is not so great from a distance, but I have a baby camera.  Up close and personal it's just quaint, as are so many other buildings in the downtown area.

This brick four story building really has a lot going in the details, which my camera couldn't get.  The sun's glare was unbearable to boot, so I was happy to get a photo at all.

 We ducked into the cutest little Italian restaurant for dinner.  The inside is covered with this white lattice and plastic grapes, old signs and other memorabilia .  Talk about quaint.  I meant to get photos of the food, but it didn't happen.  When Rich and I thought about it, the food had been destroyed.  We had appetizers of shrimp garlic bread and shared a plate of veal parmesan.  The shrimp bread was unbelievable!  We couldn't finish the plate of veal with both of us working on it!
How about the view above our heads?
That was our afternoon....a bit of a surprise since we'd 
agreed on the drive down not to overspend or overdo.
What was your day like?  Any interesting tours or meals?  


Sarah said...

This looks and sounds like such a quaint, neat place to visit. I wish there were more small towns near me, but it's mostly city around here. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

lambs and ivy designs said...

I am so glad you are mixing fun and business!

I blogged the flowers I am putting in the mail for you . I tried to link to you, couldn't get it to work! LOL I did put your addy in the post!

Have a wonderful and safe time!

Arizona Girls said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to explore =) I like doing that once in awhile. We'll go for a drive and explore somewhere =) It'sbeen awhile since we've done it though =)

I'll go try the voting thing for you, we'll see if I can figure it out right haha

Arizona Girls blog

Athena's Armoury said...

Isn't that the best kind of day? I love exploring!