Sunday, July 17, 2011

Toys of the Rural Life Museum

Chairs of all shapes and sizes but many are just right for
a child. 
This is our final visit to Baton Rouge and the Rural Life Museum that is part of the LSU campus.  On the grounds are beautiful gardens with many variety of roses, camellias, and other shrubs.  Beyond the gardens are small fields of a variety of farm crops.  These are used for teaching and field trips.

A doll carriage made of wicker
Once inside the museum, visitors can choose to view a variety of vintage and antique artifacts: buildings and barns, buggies and cars, and much more.  

Some of the dolls and toys in a glass case.  Check out the doll quilt!
Today's post is about the toys in the collection. Toys have always fascinated me.  I enjoy looking at old toys and finding the details and minute intricacies of the toys of yesteryear. 
On the left a silver stove with tiny pots.  On the right a black
wrought iron wood stove also with wrought iron pots.
Behind it a large paper doll.
A doll surrounded by a doll bed, cradle, and other toys.

Two baby dolls and in front of them arms and legs from porcelain dolls.

The back of a chest and several doll heads, busts and bodies.

Toy irons that probably really worked and a toy safe on the left.  On the right a log cabin.
  Before closing, I think you'll probably enjoy seeing one or two more photos.  
A camera
A doctor's exam table
Hope you enjoyed our visit.  Leave comments and tell us what you think.


meaina said...

Hi that is very nice blog and describe many facility in the blog kids furniture very good,log beds and other log furniture i like all furniture.

jenclair said...

:) Fee and I will be in B.R. for Max's 5th birthday party this weekend. Wonder if we could sneak away to view the museum!

Janet said...

Wow, those are super interesting, especially the dr. examining table!

LuciRae said...

That exam table is so cool... and I would love to get my hands on all those chairs!!

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Thanks all. Jenclair, it's worth sneaking away for a little while. Be warned, though, you won't have enough time and you'll definitely want to go back!