Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here we go again!  My fifth quilt for AAQI (Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative) that helps to raise money for Alzheimer's research.  Since my mom suffered with Alzheimer's for a long time before her death, and since we both love quilts, this seems like the perfect cause for me. I can make these small quilts in a day or two, although sometimes I do take a little more time.  

I wanted to do something I hadn't done in a while and remembered a quilt that I made years ago using a technique that I saw on Simply Quilts.   It's quite simple, actually, cut some flower appliques and arrange the flowers above and around an applique vase.  How easy is that?  Easy enough, I figured.  

This morning I pulled some bright happy solids out of the stash and ran across a bright plaid that matches the brights quite well....almost as though I started with the plaid, but I didn't.  

I took that for a sign and used the plaid for the vase.  I cut flower parts and, as I did so, arranged them on a piece of neutral cotton.  Deciding on the flowers was easy....all I had to do was look at other fabrics or even the original quilt I made, which is on the spare bed.  

Once everything was pressed down and I was ready to begin stippling or stitching, I decided to use some of the many embroidery threads that I rarely use anymore since I sort of wore myself out on embroidery.  

I haven't thread painted on a quilt in a long time, so there we go....thread painting was the answer, but it did get tricky.  Have you used that technique before?  Did you find it difficult?  I could sure use a tip or two, if you're willing to share.

Tell me what you think about this little quilt. I'm curious to know if it's all that or if I'm just a little too proud. While you're at it, why not let me know which is your favorite flower.  Since they don't exactly have names, you can use color to identify the one you like the most.  

Finally, thanks to those of you who have voted for my blog on Picket Fence.  It really doesn't matter whether I get lots of votes, it's just fun!  And how easy can it be?  Just a click and you've voted.  Gives me one more thing to check when I'm bored or Richard is watching tv.   :-) 

Happy quilting, Mary


Diana and LaDonna said...

That is a happy quilt! Some of my favorite colors! I have no advice about thread painting, but I don't think you need it anyway!


Jan Maree said...

I think this is a gorgeous little quilt and I am impressed with your thread painting!

Cheryl said...

I think you did a great job at thread painting. I have never done it, but you have inspired me. Great donation to a great cause.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Now, this is a great little quilt. Every quilt tells us a story, whether we mean it to or not, and it is just so wonderful seeing what each person comes up with. This is just lovely!

Arizona Girls said...

That is beautiful!! I love the design and the colors!

I always wish I had the patience for sewing but I just never have =/ In high school loved home ec till we got to the sewing part haha

Beautiful work keep it up! =)

Arizona Girls blog