Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Blessings

Today my blog had the most views ever--200+ page views--and I've seen an uptick in my Etsy views as well.  That's certainly a good sign considering that I've been contemplating the idea of closing the Etsy shop.

There haven't been many sales all summer, and though I keep telling myself that people are busy, on vacation, not shopping much because of the economy, to just hang in there, it's getting more and more ridiculous to continue.  That whole "throwing good money after bad" theory certainly has found it's way into my mind lately.

Then I have a day such as today--lots of views, hearts and comments--and I just can't think of closing the shop or ending the blogging.  First of all, I really enjoy keeping up with the friends I've made since this little foray began, and secondly, I'm not sure I've kept at it long enough.  

The Etsy folks keep saying to hang in and wait, it gets better.  The thing is though I've discovered something about myself as far as the blogging goes--I just really enjoy it.  I knew before that I enjoyed writing, it is the better part of my college experience, but I didn't know what a difference the instantaneous results would make. I've posted on the blog and within minutes someone has read my work and responded.
 Who could ask for more than that?  So, I guess in the end I'll just be happy that I'm not dependent on the Etsy sales.  I have a regular job, afterall.  And we aren't going to go hungry as a result of the economy.

I'll count my blessings, one of which is this neat little opportunity to express my thoughts and show my work, another is the Etsy shop.  Sure it barely breaks even, but that's okay because it's just another outlet for showing my work.  If I sell items, so be it.  Until it gets too expensive, I'll just keep working at it and hope that all will work out in the end.

What are some of your blessings?  Do you have any blessings that also worry you?

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lambs and ivy designs said...

Beautiful quilts! Cingrats on 200 peeps!!!!

I am thankful to live in the USA, even if I think we need some major and quick improvement.

daydreamsdustbunnies said...

I love your quilts. I've never gotten into quilting, but admire the work of those who have.

I also like your poetry. I dabble a little in writing poetry, but mine aren't as good as yours.

daydreamsdustbunnies said...

I know your feeling about sales, but hang in there. It will get better.

Pingypie Gemstone Jewelry said...

I love you quilts! They are gorgeous! Please hang in there for a little longer, and things will pick up! ( I'm having my fingers crossed)

jenclair said...

Beautiful quilts, Mary! I especially like the butterfly one!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts. Really like the butterfuly quilt, too.