Sunday, July 10, 2011

Safari Time!

On Friday Richard and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary.  Half of our grandchildren came for a weekend visit on Thursday, so we all went to Gone Wild Safari in Tioga, La.  We enjoyed our day very much and the grandchildren had a fabulous time feeding and petting the animals.

The only problem I now have is that I don't remember the names of the animals, even though our guide did a great job of introducing the animals and telling us about each one.

I was really busy trying to get good photographs and keeping an eye on the kids.  They did listen and followed the directions, but some of the animals are really huge and they have no issues about sticking their heads into the bus, or in one case, taking the cup of food right out of our hands!

Some of the animals are rather polite.  They come up to the bus and wait patiently for someone to put the cup out of the window.  Then they reach up with their mouths open and the person pours the food in.

Other animals weren't so polite. They run up to the bus, stick their whole head in and beg for food.  One cutie in particular, Bruiser, a two-hump camel not only begged for food, he followed the bus eating from everyone with a crumb of feed.

Check out Jolie's surprise when he finally got to her cup!  She was happy to share, but he wanted more.  When she tried to get away, he held on to the cup.  But she was fairly determined and managed to get both her cup and herself away.  That didn't deter him though, he just went to the next person on the bus.

Eventually everyone fed him.  However, it didn't matter.  He is one greedy camel!  But he is also a camel with lots of character and I am certain that even the smallest children will remember the hungry camel.

While Bruiser will be remembered for his greediness, others will be remembered for their size or the size of their horns.  Check out these big, pointed horns.  Imagine this right next to the bus, and maybe even a little hand reaching out to feed them or pet them.

Tonka, the buffalo, is especially gentle but his head is so big that there's no way he could fit it in the bus window!  He is just huge, no, like, really really huge!


Yes, we're proud of them!  Aren't they just so happy to be here?
Have you been on safari?  Do you know what kind of animals we petted and fed?  If so, please leave a note. I'd like to label my photos without having to go back!

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Stela said...

How fun! And great photos! I believe the first photo is a chital deer