Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ballerina Quilt

Now for the next quilt for my sister's grandchildren.  
Her little Adrienne is into dance and ballet.  
She wants a ballerina quilt, for which I found this fabric.  

I really like the looks of the little girls in their leotards and tutus.
Their little pointe shoes are just too fun.  
Hopefully, Angie will like the fabric as much as I do.  

I'm thinking of adding red and purple.  
I have a pretty purple from mom's fabrics that may work.  
I'm not so sure what red will do.  
So tomorrow I'll audition several fabrics to determine what will work with this fabric and the purple.
That is assuming that Angie will approve this as the focus fabric.
What do you think about purple and red?  
I'm a bit nervous about mixing them but they work so well in this fabric, don't they?

On a different note, I found out today that the class I'm teaching for Quilt Campus met the minimum number of students, which means the class will begin on October 22.  If you're interested, there's still time.  We'll be working on this stained glass quilt and will take about three weeks from start to finish.  I certainly hope you consider joining in!  I'd be thrilled!

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Efrat Deutsch said...

Good luck with the new class! :)