Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On my design wall

is about half of a twin size quilt for my sister's grandson.  I had worked on an idea for a while last spring, but now that I'm back on her projects, I really don't want to work on that quilt.  It will make a great baby quilt but I'm not so sure about turning it into a twin.

I found a little extra time to play this afternoon and decided to cut lots of green tumblers for Angie's quilt.  I want the quilt to have a bit of a relaxed, scrappy look to it but not be too scrappy.  Deciding on the green theme was easy...Angie's daughter, Stacy, has two boys and the older one likes green.  Since the younger one is too young to choose, we're going with green for both boys.  This way their quilts will match some but not be exactly the same.  

I managed to stitch up the tumblers into rows.  It takes 14 blocks per row and 16 rows to complete the quilt.  That's 224 blocks total. Luckily the tumbler die I have is fairly large--4 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches tall.  

The photos below are of the quilt that I made for Stacy's older son.  Think the little boy who favors green will like this one?
I've named it "Seth's Quilt (The Green Monster)" because it just wouldn't cooperate with me.  I made a huge mistake that took some time and brain power to fix, but it worked out.

How about the swirls and twists in the quilting?  He's an active little guy with a great imagination, so I think he'll enjoy playing with the lines and finding shapes in the stippling.  

I'm calling the rectangles on the outer edges subway tiles.  Another sister, Sid, was visiting and said they reminded her of the subway tiles in a city in Germany.  Sorry, I can't remember the name of the city, but since it works so well for her, I decided to go with it......subway tiles they are!

And for my final word: don't forget about the great giveaway I'm hosting to celebrate National Sewing Month.  Click here to go to the original post where you can see the ways to enter and the items that are included.  One of the items is a pack of 20 tumbler blocks just like the ones in this post, except you get to choose the color theme. The giveaway ends on Saturday, so only three days left!

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