Friday, September 9, 2011

Let's have a giveaway!

It's time to celebrate National Sewing Month!  Yea, cause for a celebration!  Check out their website at

The website has several topics of interest, including projects, contests, and articles.  If you like to sew or know someone who does, this is another site to visit.

Now, let's talk contest!  I'm thinking that since it's the month for sewing, it would be fun to put together a sewing package.

20 piece pack of tumbler blocks
Pincushion/storage jar
Sewing repair kit 
**two yards each black, white, khaki thread
**six buttons (3 black, 3 white)
**safety pins (different sizes)
**straight pins

One of the really nice things about rafflecopter is that you can enter in several ways AND you can enter daily.  Isn't that cool?  The giveaway begins Saturday, so tell your friends.  And of course, tell me what you think about this giveaway.  Just leave a comment for the heck of it.

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