Monday, September 19, 2011

Tumblers for the turkey

The quilts I've been working on lately are for my great nephews.  Since their mom posted photos on Facebook, I don't feel too guilty about posting one here.  She titled the photos of Carson, "My little turkey growing up."  That's how I got my title.  :-)  

The photo of Carson and Seth on the left is from her Facebook.  Aren't they is just adorable and fun? 

Some of the fabrics on the quilts are from my mom's stash.  Before her death in November she gave me many of the fabrics that she had; later, my dad asked me to help clean the room where she kept her sewing.  He didn't care what happened to some of the stuff just as long as we cleaned.  I couldn't toss all that fabric and the notions, patterns, etc.  Eventually almost all of it found its way to my studio.  
Seth's Quilt 
When my sister, Angie, found out that I have some of mom's fabrics, she asked me to make a quilt for each of her grandchildren.  We decided that we want to save a few yards in case other sisters decide to do the same.  So some of the fabric is still boxed up, but the rest is quite happy blending in with my stash.  Angie decided that the quilts should be twin size since her grandchildren are no longer in baby beds.
Carson's Quilt
I finished Seth's quilt last week and posted a quick note about it here.  Today I finished up Carson's quilt and thought you might like to see photos of the two boys' quilts.  One week on Carson's quilt is a new record for me.  Those tumblers are just so easy and fast!  Cutting them on the Studio cutter really helps to speed things along.  Imagine, ten tumblers in about two minutes, including getting the fabric ready for the die.   Thank you, Accuquilt!   I'll be using it again for the other quilts for Angie's grandchildren.
Back of Seth's Quilt 
Back of Carson's Quilt
On the label I noted that some of the fabrics were in mom's stash and sewed a couple of the fabrics to the label so that they will know which fabrics came from Grandma.

Do you suppose that two little boys who will likely not remember their great-grandmother will grow up to appreciate quilts made with her fabric?  What do you suppose their mom, who was very close to her grandmother, will say?  I just hope she allows them to play and love the quilts the way grandma would have liked?  She can still care for them and have the quilts when they are grown men, don't you think?

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Stacy Burkhart said...

Thank you so much Aunt Mary! I absolutley LOVE everything about them, the color, design & the most important "the meaning behind it!" I was a fortunate grandchild (being the oldest grand-daughter) Grandma was able to make me a quilt for me as a wedding gift right before she began to get sick! It was by far the BEST gift! So, this is AWESOME that each one of my boys will have a peice of her with them stitched in thier quilt! The quilt is theirs! I'm hoping they latch on to and appreicate the quilt as much as I do!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!