Monday, September 26, 2011

Done and Almost Done!

Yeah!  Got that quilt top for Adrienne finished today.  I'll load it on the long arm tomorrow afternoon and, hopefully, make a few quilting stitches.  I still haven't decided on a quilting motif, but I do have a few ideas running around in my brain.

Since I had the chance to spend some time with Audrey, I asked her about her quilt and what she would like.  Pink, baby blue and something else was her answer, so I mentioned that I have some plaid fabrics with her colors that came from Grandma's stash.  She was very excited about it coming from Grandma.  

Unfortunately, I'm not so sure it has the right colors, after all.  The pink is really coral and there's way more green than blue.   I guess I remembered it wrong.  So, I now have to wait until I get the word from Angie that Audrey still wants this fabric.  
That may take a while. 
  In the meantime I will quilt Adrienne's quilt, 
then work on a quilt top that I found at Mom's. 
It's a bit unusual so figuring out a good quilting pattern may be a challenge.  I certainly would like a few suggestions.  
Do you think that I should focus on the cross or the circle?  

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Helena said...

Love that plaid from your grandma :)