Thursday, September 1, 2011

Etsy Shop Profile: Cottage Light Studio

Say hello to Cindy Taylor of Cottage Light Studio who, it turns out, is the sweetest of ladies.  Her Etsy profile notes that her goal is to provide original fine art photography prints and cards that feature romantic light-filled images of garden flowers, shells, beach glass and vintage treasures.   Take at look at some of her beautiful artwork and dream of the peace and quiet that we crave in our busy lives.
"Where/when did you learn to take such beautiful, light-filled photography?"   Thank you! I feel like I've always been the "girl with the camera!" Along with travel, online workshops, and photography courses, I've learned so much from journaling and examining my own favorite types of scenes and studying images that really "speak" to me. I live on the water and am continually inspired by it's ever-changing color, light, and mood.   
"What are some of your favorite scenes?"   I always say, " I like images that reveal the art in people, places, or things, but I LOVE the photo that begins a story." My favorites include everyday scenes of beauty or a small touching moment inviting the viewer to imagine what came before or just after... I especially love anything that speaks of romance or adventure!
"How would you describe your creative process"   Anxiety-filled~ ha! Seriously, I am still so thrilled when an image just has that quality I was looking for but it's usually not on the very first try! Many times it's through concentrating on looking at scenes in many different ways, taking loads of photos; often coming back to a scene. Staying open to new ways of looking at things, experimenting, and relaxing are all important!
"Do you feel that your photography fits a particular mold?"  
Though I hope my photography is ever-evolving, the common thread in my photos is a desire to share and inspire through color and light my optimistic and grateful view of the world and the beauty that surrounds us. 
"Who has influenced your art the most"   

I'm very lucky to have a wonderful family and group of friends who have always encouraged me. Joining the online flickr community has also been an amazing experience. It has been so much fun connecting with other photographers from all over the world; continually learning, growing, and sharing the enthusiasm for this career I am so passionate about!
"Tell us a bit about your Paris photographs"   

The Paris photos came from a surprise trip from my husband and it was love at first sight ~for both my husband and Paris :) The incredible city of light is beyond words. I loved finding it's special magic around every corner!
Is there anything else you’d like us to know?   Cottage Light Studio is my dream work ~ I'm doing what I love!
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Thanks again Mary, I invite your readers to use the coupon, TAKE10, at checkout for a 10% discount on any orders through November 15th from the shop.  Visit Cottage Light Studio by clicking here.