Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Weekend

TGIF never meant more to me.  I'm really exhausted from working all week.  Actually with two days in Baton Rouge, I thought I'd have an easy week.  No way!  Those two days were harder than a normal day: we put in 12 hours each day, something I never do at work.  Then, of course, I returned to school to find that I'd been sorely missed and had tons of work to catch up with.  Needless to say, it's a good thing it's Friday!

I did get to take a short nap before going into the studio.  My studio time was well spent.  I managed to cut more of those green tumbler blocks yesterday.  These fabrics are different from the ones I'd cut and stitched up earlier in the week.  I stitched the blocks into strips before having to shut it down for the evening.

Today, I trimmed the ends so that when sewn together, the strips would form a straight edge.  Then I started sewing some of the strips together in pairs.  There's not a lot done, but if all goes well tomorrow, I'll have the top completed before we leave to watch our grandson's little league football game.  Since we'll have to leave at about 2:00, I'll miss the biggest part of my sewing day.  That seems to happen every weekend.  But I think I'll still be able to load the quilt on the long arm on Sunday, then do the quilting after work next week.

And so, since I'm one exhausted quilter, I'll make this post a short one and end with a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, is the last day to enter the National Sewing Week Giveaway that I'm hosting.   Click here for the details and thanks for visiting.
Happy Quilting,

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