Wednesday, September 7, 2011


How much marketing do you do for your Etsy shop?  I've worn myself to a frazzle trying to market my no avail, of course.  Why?  I have no idea what I'm doing.  Soooo.....

On a late night whim, I ordered help.  Yep, just click a button and in two days Sarah sends a report telling you that your shop has been submitted to the major search engines.  Plus she submits it to about 30 smaller engines (not one of which I have ever heard of) and then she sets up something called a backlink.  Well, it's no wonder I haven't been getting anywhere!  I haven't a clue!   

How do people do this, you ask?  Simple, they don't, they pay someone else to do it for them, duh!  How do those people do it?  I have a theory that 1) they know what they're doing (based on the idea that they have computer brains), and 2) they don't speak real English (so the rest of us have no clue what they are talking about when they explain it).

Will it help?  I can't wait to find out; I figure it can't hurt.  Besides, Sarah is very reasonable and just sweet about the whole process.  So, in appreciation of her work, I'll tell you how to find her:  

Find her facebook

Go to her webpage

Thank you, Sarah.  Happy Quilting all, Mary

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