Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Finish! Customer Quilt

Quilted and bound!  This pretty little quilt is actually a cheater cloth that a customer brought by last week and asked me to quilt for her grandson's graduation gift.  It was easy enough--just follow the lines she said.  She is making a set of pillow shams to match and is very excited to pick up her quilt tomorrow.  

When I called to ask about the binding, we decided that I would use a solid green so that I could save the bit of burgundy backing for her shams.  She has had the fabric for a while and can't get any more, so every bit is important.  I think we managed to make it work though.  I like the dark border on the quilt since it frames it out nicely.

I saw several Jacob's Ladder quilts when we were in Paducah last summer and have been smitten with them.  This did not help....I really want to put one together just because it is an easy block but looks difficult.  Well, that and it's an interesting block, as well.  I'll have to see what I can do to get started on one, but there are a few projects that have to hold priority: a couple more customer quilts, for example.

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