Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pin It Wednesday # 62

Brilliant colors combined with black and white make a striking wall hanging.Geez, it seems that the Pin It Wednesday numbers are advancing quickly!  We're well into a second year of this fun.  Hard to believe.

just discovered Vanessa and her blog.  wonderful quilts and wonderful patterns!Tulip Garden Applique Quilt Pattern by Fresh Cut Quilts at Creative Quilt Kits

I've been pinning a few other things besides quilts.   I know, right?  I have to remind myself that there are other things in life besides quilts.  Crosses, for example.

Sadigh Gallery's Ancient Byzantine Bronze Cross with Christ | Flickr

Cross Jesus Christ Religious Crucifix Wall Decor Christian Bible Faith Art | eBay

An antique gold,
Cross pendant


CAMEO OF ARIADNE OR DIONYSUS.The frame is enameled but does have 4 places of enamel loss.The size is 21/4 by 2 5/8 very large.It does have a tiny loop top center for safety chain.From around 1860.

Rare silhouette framed 14k yellow gold shell carved cameo estate pendant M-F


Victorian 14k White Gold Shell Cameo Pin | New York Estate Jewelry | Israel Rose
GOLD, ONYX CAMEO, ENAMEL, PEARL AND DIAMOND, PENDANT/BROOCH, LATE 19TH CENTURY.  Inset to the centre with an oval onyx cameo carved to depict the dextral profile of a maiden in Renaissance dress, within an open work scroll frame of blue and white enamel, embellished with circular-cut diamonds, suspending three pearl drops, to a glazed locket reverse.

And crowns.
VICTORIAN DIAMOND TIARA/NECKLACE  Composed of three graduated stylised palmette design panels, each entirely set with old-cut diamonds, interspersed by similarly-set fleur-de-lys motifs, raised on a diamond line border, mounted in silver and gold, circa 1860, 5.8cm high, together with fittings for brooches, hair pins, hat pins, earrings and a necklace, fitted case.  See also off-the-frame board.  Image Christies

Luxembourg Empire Tiara, undated/uncredited image.

Queen Marie Amelie's Sapphire, Diamond & Pearl Tiara, France

Crown of Imperatrice Eugenie by lolotte10 on deviantART

And lastly, something funny to read.  Enjoy.
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