Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiratation: Pastels

Happy late Easter everyone.  By this time, all the eggs are eaten, the baskets emptied, and masses prayed.  In honor of Easter I thought I'd use pastel colors. They remind me of the dresses we wore as little girls.  Nothing fancy or lacy, just cotton fabrics in spring calico prints.  Momma made a dress for each of us to wear to Easter mass.  

My favorite was purple flowers, but there were always lots of options.  

While I was looking for pictures of vintage calicoes, I found this picture of yo-yos.  Of course, they remind me of vintage calico quilts.

I wish I had one iota of crafty fabric talent. This quilt makes my heart pitter patter!

Calico quilt from Michigan, Pook & Pook.  Love the colors and simplicity
Detail, Antique c1880 Small Triangles Cutter Quilt Red White Blue | eBay, vintageblessings

Huge True Charm Quilt 1870's Tons of Fabrics Perfect Unused Condition | eBay seller rags; 90" x 94"; each shape: 5" by 5" by 5" by 2"; all hand sewn, unusued, unwashed, medium weight

Patriotic 19th C. calico quilt top, Indian Hatchet design, Pennsylvania. Ragbaby Antique Textiles.

Japanese, Lecien ANTIQUE FLOWER in PASTEL, Fat Quarter Bundle of 13

"Ann Dixon worked on a sweet baby quilt."  -  Quilter Beth's Blog: 2011 Patoka Valley Quilt Guild Winter Retreat

And that takes us to more modern quilts. 

scrappy Saturday - crazy mom quilts

Peak Hour Chevron Quilt PDF Pattern designed by Sandra Farnsworth

Triangle Baby Quilt by Coraquiltscarla - I loooove the turquoise!

Whos Peeking by flossyblossy, "Made for my little boy and in Issue 9 of Fat Quarterly"

fast, easy, attractive!

Sampaguita Quilts: Soft as a Feather

Join me tomorrow for Modern Monday.  See you then!

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