Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tiny Visitor

We have a visitor for a few days.  Her name is Darla.  She's awfully cute and loves to play.  She also brings in leaves and dirt from outside.  Oh, and she leaks.  Often.  

We've been trying to teach her a few commands, but either we are speaking the wrong language, or she's deaf.  Maybe the problem is selective hearing, because she knows a few words of English: go, treat.  She thinks no means hey, and I'm certain that because she's raised as an only puppy, she forgot how to share. I say this because when I tell her no, she looks directly at me for two seconds then goes back to whatever I said stop doing.  No means something in this house, but it's not a word in her house.  Spoiled puppy.  

There is a red-headed Marley in her house who is spoiled, also and between them the place is a wreck.  They drag in dirt, leaves and toys. They make forts in every corner.  They leave princess parts in the oddest places.  Oh, and let's not forget the jumping--on the bed, on the sofa, on the rocking chair.  

Guess what happens when a visitor who knows all these great things comes?  In the case of either Marley or Darla, it's a wild ride.  Did I mention that Darla is here for a few days.  

Did I mention that the other puppies recognize her?  Yes indeed, they remember her as a baby.  She is able to defend herself against the red-head, so she's pretty tough.  That translates to dog-fight.

First there's thunder and Candy barks at the invisible monsters. Then Little barks because Candy barked.  Darla gets upset because she thinks there's a fight happening and snarls at Little because, well, why snarl at the bigger one?  Little snarls back and Candy has to get between them and explain the whole "no time to argue, there's a monster outside" argument.  Everyone races to the crack in the curtain and there's a fuss about who gets to look out. About this time, the thunder splits the rafters again, and we're down to about three more days of fun.

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