Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life is Peachy

LOVE peaches!  I don't mean that I like them.  Don't mean peaches are my favorite fruit (they are!).  No, I mean something much more.  

Given the opportunity, I will pick peaches over just about any other food.  Well, almost any other thing.
(Thank you, Google, for the yummy pictures.)

Imagine my joy at seeing my pretty little peach tree loaded with baby peaches.  Oh, happiness!   The following pictures are from my wonderful little tree.  

I should explain that this tree is one that I "planted" by tossing a stone after eating a peach.  It happens that said stone landed under the pine trees and azalea bushes in the back yard.  That means the lawn mower never had an opportunity to eat it, so it grew and grew and grew.  

Three years into adulthood, and it's still producing peaches.  

 Even better, the number of peaches increases with every branch I checked.  Yay, maybe this year there will be enough to share.

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