Saturday, April 26, 2014

Goats, Grandchildren and Grades

How fun is this picture?  Richard was moving animals around because, well, sometimes he just has to do that sort of thing.  So after moving the momma goat to a new pasture, he caught the baby and brought her in so I could see her.  

She is pretty cute.  She's dark brown with a couple of white spots and some black spots that even everything out.  The little granddaughters have named her Disney--guess where they have all been recently.


She is also very curious and inventive.  She decided to check out Casey (Dusti's horse) and jumped into an empty trough to get closer.  They must have decided to get along, because after smelling on each other for a while, Casey just stood there and let Disney hop and jump and make a general fool of herself trying to reach up high enough to get a better look.

Already our days are hitting 90 degrees, so it's getting difficult to do anything outside.  I've had too much sewing and grading to do anyway.  Since school starts back on Monday, I'm spending more time grading than sewing.  We have only a few weeks of school left including EOC testing.  We're ready, but you can wish us luck anyway.

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