Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Sewing Grand!

Dusti is visiting since we're off for a few more days.  Left to her own designs, she soon became bored.  Only moments after coming to the studio to find me, she asked to "sew something."  

I was making bean-bag like packets of silica gel to put in the car and truck.  (Info on that project coming soon.)  So I put her to work making the packets.

I "learned" to sew on my grandmother's machine, also, but it was a treadle, certainly not a Bernina.   She added seven packet to my four and had enough.  After thumbing through a few sewing magazines, we decided that she could handle making a set of puppy shoes for her miniature schnauzer, Lucy.  Of course, none of the magazines had either pattern or directions.  

That's okay, I enjoyed designing on the fly, and Dusti saw that an idea can be brought to life with a little work.  I broke the steps down and taught her the steps using scraps.  She got good practice since her puppy needs four shoes.

Our Maltese modeled the shoes for a few minutes just so we could see that they will work.  Candy was not very happy about it.  Lucy is used to wearing clothes, getting her nails painted, and having tight bows attached to her head, so she will likely handle the shoes better.  Besides they are sized to fit Lucy, who is much bigger.

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Karen S said...

What a lovely way to share time together.