Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Of King Cake and Family

Last weekend we celebrated Sophie's fourth birthday on Saturday.  On Saturday night we babysat these two munchkins.  Then on Sunday we celebrated the fact that Will is home for a week. 

We're a pretty rowdy crew and any excuse is cause for celebration.  Will works off-shore, usually on a 14/14 schedule, but he pulled an extra week to help out a friend, so this month we barely get to see him.  That said, Adam decided to throw a po'boy party on Sunday afternoon.  Which means we were able to get together, eat and visit.  

It's what we do.

French bread cut in half, baked turkey breast, pork loin and sausage made the base of the sandwiches.  Mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickles made the dressings, and chips, tortillas and homemade salsa created sides. 

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For dessert...King Cake.  Raspberry and cream cheese filled. Green, purple and gold sugar.  Sticky, gooey and delicious!

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One of the best Sunday afternoons a momma could hope for!

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Karen S said...

Nothing beats getting together with family and friends.