Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pin It Weekly #97

Let's escape to some beautiful places for a little while....maybe a pretty little stone bridge deep in the woods or city park...

Regent's Canal ~ Camden Town, London, England

Devil’s Bridge ~ is a village in Ceredigion, Wales. Above the River Mynach on the edge of the village is an unusual bridge from which the village gets its English name.

"justeline says: The single arched stone bridge of Kokkorou named after its sponsor dating back to the 1750's...Epirus, Greece"

This is my Greece | Old bridge of Plaka over Arachthos river, a typical landscape of Epirus, Northwestern Greece. This bridge, built exclusively with stones in the 19th century, is considered to be the largest amongst the Balkan countries.

I always love to see the old covered one lane bridges.  Autumn Arch, Central Park, NYC

Stone Bridge Waterfall, Clyde Valley, Scotland

Fairy Bridge!  (Reelig Glen, Scotland) "The bridge and grotto in Reelig Glen, near Inverness. The story goes that they were built by the fairies living in the wood, which is why locals call it Fairy Glen rather than Reelig"

Medieval Bridge, Valle d’Aosta, Italy photo via barbara

Ancient Stone Bridge, Epirus, Greece | Amazing Snapz

The wonderful Bodnant Gardens. North Wales.

or patio side of a pot of succulents...


Old Tree Log Turned into a Succulent Garden #pinaholicmyrie

Tips for Succulent Gardening in Window Boxes - Gardening and Home Decor Blog from Hooks & Lattice

Free a birdcage! Plant succulents.

Succulant Garden - if we ever live in a desert, I'm filling my yard with things like these. Adds green.

And sit on the garden steps...

Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden  Beautiful! - This fb page has amazing pics of gardens, flowers, etc.

'Heaven is a Garden' has a section on the 'draw of a high point'

Beautiful & Enchanting Garden Paths ~ Part 2  #GardenPath

Potted Garden lining the stairs

Obviously in a much smaller scale but I would LOVE to add a stair-step look to my back yard where the retaining wall ends!!!

near the pleasant scent of a pile of blooms...
rockapulco white impatiens

container in hydrangea border

The Creeping Fig Garden by Vicki Petulla

Dogwood blossoms

or where ever you want to be for just a few minutes.

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