Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pin It Weekly #98

I thought that for fun I'd post some pins from a few of my Pinterest followers because what are followers if not smart?  These are from Kelley Blunt's "Handbags" page.

Chloé PARATY MEDIUM LEATHER SHOULDER BAG #handbags        #handbags



Alexander McQueen 'Heroine' cross body bag #handbags#handbags

Salvatore Ferragamo Hobo - Kittie Framed Python #handbags

Greig Matthews. By Ronnie Boehm.
Ukrainian ballerina Oksana Bondareva

Anne Souder   Ukrainian Cossack Dancers

Olga Smirnova and Vladislav Lantranov

This is interesting: Elizabeth Sprague has over 17,000 followers and well over 3,000 pins, but only four boards....all about food!  I thought we'd look at a few of her "Cupcakes."

Blue Velvet Cupcakes with Easy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting   "These Look Amazing.,Yummy and Delicious!" .
margarita cupcakes   "These Look Amazing.,Yummy and Delicious!" .

Watermelon Cupcakes .
Christmas cakes. Encourage your children to weigh out the ingredients. Use the phrases... Which is heavier? Which is lighter? How much more .... did we neeed? .

Magic Cookie Bar Cupcakes - Yummy Crumble .Easy DIY Snowman Cupcakes .

Mini Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcakes .Cupcakes con rosas y mariposas .

This final grouping is from 
Mari Santana's "CESTAS (BASKETS)" board.  
cherokee basket

French Country Wicker Garden Cart

I have being eying a basket like this for YEARS. I have a vision for it in the dining room corner.

Wicker Trunks
french bee skips

I've had great fun finding these groupings and boards...
Well, actually, I only followed the links to the boards, thanks to my sweet followers, but you know what I mean.  Thanks to everyone who adds pins and photos and shares them with the rest of us!

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Kaja said...

It's so interesting to see the things other people are collecting images of.