Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: P E A R L S

Love pearls.  
Our lives our like the process of a pearl....constantly being refined into something beautiful.That's it... it's the one... NANCY!!! I found it! "How I long to linger, on your sweetheart's finger!" I would definitely say yes to this.    

Love pearl earrings.  
Visibly Interesting: Freshwater Cultured Pearls on dainty solid 14K Gold hoops designed to hug the ear lobe ringed with diamonds.

Love pearls bracelets.
Pretty in Pearls Monogram Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

Love pearl necklaces.  
Chunky Layered Ivory Glass Pearl Necklace by HMbySemraAsciogluvia

Love pearl embellishments.  
could make this and adapt it into a wall-hanging Pearl Monogram Cake Topper White or Ivory by LLBridalDesigns, $32.50         How to make a Christmas tree out of jewelry? - Learning to do everything yourself ~ Can see this done as embroidery/beading too

Love pearls.

Every girls needs hangers like these hanging in her closet (; Some day ill glue gun them all like this (:      DIY:: Vintage Costume Jewelry: Upcycled & Repurposed made out of those "lost 1 earring" now what? Bracelets, that's what!
Yes, even the fake ones, since those are the only ones I can really afford.  Costume jewelry?  I'm on it!  

Wedding, Cake Topper, covered in Vintage Jewels, Gold, Crystal, Pearl,  Letter M Reserved for Andrea     vintage made into necklace. make residual income online while creating stunning wearable pieces like this.

What doesn't look good in pearls?  Jeans?  Pearls.  Sundress? Pearls.  Comfy tee?  Pearls.  Name-brand suit?  Pearls.  Wedding dress?  You've got it...PEARLS!

12 Fall Outfit ideas | Fashion Inspiration Blog I would definitely make sure the jeans did not have holes, but aside from that this is a cute outfit.   My aunt had one similar to this only in tangerine with a matching Bolero jacket. I wore it in 1979 to my Jr high 50's day dance.

i LOVE the denim shirt paired with the blazer, & the chunky pearls just set it off!      Amal Alamuddin was spotted in a pair of grey jeans teamed with a black top and leather jacket
Possible hairstyle?      simple and beautiful-- I didn't have a big wedding but if I would have this would have been THE DRESS!!!  I love it, maybe one of my girls some day...

Bridal Necklace Swarovski Bridal Jewelry Pearl by somethingjeweled

So what do pearls have to do with quilts and quilting?  Not so much.  Unless you love both.  Then you find a way to incorporate one into the other.  A little inspiration...

String Pearls, Free motion quilting,  


Green Fairy Quilts

Grit's Life: Türquilt

Grit's Life: Hexagonquilt "La Passion"

Free Motion Quilting, Dots and Dashes


Shop | Category: Feathers / Pearls / curls | Product: Curls and Pearls E2E
Shop | Category: Feathers / Pearls / curls | Product: SP Pearls and Paisley e2e

Rose and Pearls Mandala to color or embroider- JPG or transparent PNG format.

A mandala to color- available in both JPG and transparent PNG format

Flowing mandala to color- also available in transparent PNG format #coloring #paper #mandala

spiraled and dotted mandala to color- also available in transparent PNG in a larger size. #crafts #coloring #embroidery

The last several designs come from a blog I discovered while writing this post.  Shala lives in AK and posts mandalas on her lovely blog, Don't Eat the Paste, and Pinterest, which is where I found her work.  Please visit her here and here.  (And say thank you from Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts!)

Don't Eat the Paste

Have a great week!

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Kaja said...

I love this post - there are some gorgeous pearl things (especially a couple of the necklaces) and it is so clever of you to link them to quilting designs.