Thursday, January 15, 2015

Uncommon Goods....

A Mother's Touch
Somehow I discovered a new online store called Uncommon Goods.  At first I thought the options too odd and oddly different, but this is a place that sells handmade items and whose mission statement says, "we believe sustainability starts with integrity in everything we do, treating each individual inside and outside our company with dignity and respect, offering health insurance...and providing a living wage."  Okay, so that's an impressive mission statement--words to consider seriously and to respect.  

Personalized Family Canoe ArtWell, Christmas has just passed, so real shopping is out of the question for someone who is committed to living within her means, but that doesn't mean that window shopping is out.  Good idea!  

I decided to go virtual window shopping to my heart's desire.  Since my people are always on the top of my list and are sometimes difficult to shop for--think teens!--I thought I'd shop for them.  
No limits!  No real worries!  Just fun! 

Paperweight for Meggan, Rory's wife, a high school counselor.
Mom and Baby Bird Paperweight Set
Garden ornaments: a butterfly house for Jenny to hang near their new patio and for Stacey a hammock to put in the camper.  The stained glass feathers just because I really like them.

Stained Glass FeathersWooden Butterfly HouseDo Good Hammock

Kitchen gifts for the boys because they all like food and parties and they all know how to cook for their families.

Flavors of America Salt CollectionCheese & Crackers Serving BoardPicnic Backpack

For the little girls....personalized items because they are all into stuff about themselves.  Imagine a book with you as the main character or your own pillow that tells who, when, where, how much, etc. about your birth.  

Custom My Quotable Kid BookBirth Announcement PillowsCustom What Big Sister Does Best Book

From the Uncommon Goods website on My Quotable Kid

Can I Quote You On That?

Whether your little one said the cutest thing in line at the grocery store or made an embarrassing observation worth sharing with their first dates down the line, this customizable book lets you remember and relive the moments, both big and small. Handbound with a personalized cover, this unique memory book offers roomy pages of speech bubbles ready for quotable conversations and overheard chatter. Stow their childlike insights for future generations or share priceless quips with friends and family. Handmade in the USA.

And finally stuff for the teen kids!  It doesn't matter who would get what....they'd all want these crazy things: a smart phone projector, a sneaker transformation kit, some sort of headphones and, the craziest of all, a belt made from old bicycle tire treads.  Those followed by animal socks and a messenger bag made from a mail sack.

Smartphone ProjectorSneaker Customization KitBlack Cat Headphones

Recycled Bike Tread BeltsAnimal SocksUpcycled Mail Sack Messenger Bag
A fun shopping spree in a place that I'd have thought too odd for me, but I surprised myself!  Go shopping....Uncommon Goods

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