Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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Wouldn't your quilts love to live in these old homes?  Wouldn't you love to live there, too? Many of these have been abandoned, but none should have been--take a look.

Mon Coeur Plantation, 7739 False River Drive, Oscar, Louisiana, Pointe Coupee Parish

A fabulously amazing dose of turquoise tucked amongst the towering trees. #Victorian #house #home #vintage #turquoise


Abandoned Louisiana plantation.

Carleton Villa- front view. Thousand Islands, NY. This mansion was built in 1891 & has been abandoned for many years. A restoration/preservation effort is now underway.

abandoned....... haunted.......

When I first saw this house I thought it wasn't too late to save it. Then I found that the photo was taken in the early 1970s. We can only hope someone actually saved it. "Fixer upper. Upper Fairmont," Somerset County, Maryland "Eastern Shore Series," Maryland. Photo by Steve Szabo, 1940-2000

Abandoned - Nolan House at Hwy 83 and Nolan Store Rd. Bostwick, Georgia. The Nolan House is an abandoned plantation home that has been vacant for over 35 yrs.

Secluded farm house

I would so love to renovate this place and live in it.

Looking Through | Flickr - Tennessee

★ Brilliant Blue ★ Nevada (not my photo) Please support your admins urbex videos and this page, by clicking the video link below and subscribe in there, also please give it a thumb up  ☺

Abandoned Civil War era house located in the Lee County, Va, county seat of Jonesville, Va.

Beautiful Abandoned

abandoned house

Queen Anne Victorian home, built in 1893 in the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District in Plainfield. / photo courtesy of the Westfield Symphony Orchestra

Abandoned Castle Tower home in #Castles|


Incredible design

Old victorian mansion in Sacramento, California, USA

Abandoned mansion

still beautiful


Karen S said...

Aren't they amazing. What fun to own one and do it up!

Kaja said...

Wow! What a shame so many have been left empty.