Sunday, May 19, 2013

Daddy's Barn and Sunday Quilt Inspiration

Remember this quilt that I wrote about yesterday?  I'd just started it after picking up a few brown fabrics in the morning.  I am really pumped, so much that I woke up an hour early, got dressed for mass and spent the extra time in the studio.  Yeah, I know, amazing right? One hour early?!?  How'd I do that?

Still, I'm not done.  Well, I won't be done for several days and that depends on my working on the quilt after work.  Hmmm, more lost sleep, since it means no after school nap.....

I added some more detail to the right side, then added a tree. Because this is a winter scene, the trees have no leaves but I'll have to add grass or something.

Here's a close-up of today's details.  Since there really is (and always was) a pile of stuff under the eaves, I thought I'd fill it with things that my dad would store there, a piece of rusted tin, pieces of wood, a stack of bricks and so on. 

 On the other side, I included a bicycle wheel, some wood, and the side wall of the stall.  Then I added a tree in front of the barn.  It really is on the side but the details that show the third dimension won't appear until it's quilted.  

I need to figure out what to do about the front of the quilt, and I have to decide whether I want to add sky or clouds.  I'm worried about introducing more color, but it looks unfinished as it is.  I guess I'll have to let it stew a bit. 

For today's Sunday Quilt Inspiration I'd like to share advice rather than photos of great quilts, although that is what I generally do.  My advice is to quilt what you know and love.  Take or find a photo of a place or thing that has some meaning to you and build a quilt around that photo.  It's not difficult and, if this quilt is any indication, it really doesn't take much time.  In two afternoons of play I managed to get this far into the barn quilt. 

Almost any photo will do, so long as there aren't too many details for your first quilt.  Of course, if you're comfortable with details or have some great fabric that you can use for the details, go for it and have fun!  Let what you love be your inspiration.

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