Thursday, May 30, 2013

National Quilt Museum

We've been trying to get to Paducah for several years now.  I've wanted to visit the city but more importantly I've wanted to visit the National Quilt Museum.  I've read about it, supported it, and dreamed about going.

Finally, I can say I've been.  Last week while on vacation, we visited my sister in Knoxville.  If you look at a map, it doesn't take very long to realize that Paducah, KY, is far from Knoxville, TN.  It's about six hours of driving away, actually.  That did not deter my darling from making the drive, however.

The quilts at the museum are beautiful.  Most have won a major award at one of the AQS shows, and all are the kinds of quilts that the rest of us dream of making.  You know, the kind that take some special talent, years of patience and determination, and a saintly ability to focus.  Since I have none of that talent, patience or focus, I make my quilts and enjoy the others.  But alas, I have to enjoy them in my head because there is absolutely no photography at the NQM.  

I did ask about photographing the stained glass windows and got an affirmative, so please enjoy them with me.

I don't know that I got pictures of all the windows, but it's close if not.   I had plans for adding a few other photos from Paducah but the internet is running extremely slowly tonight.  I'll apologize and try again tomorrow.  
Happy Quilting,

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