Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pin It Wednesday #20

Summer has me thinking of the beauty of nature, especially flowers.    These are just stunning.

 We call these Sweetheart Roses, but the note labels them as Fairy Rose.  I have some in my yard that need some TLC. 

 Hydrangea shrub in full bloom.  

 Dalia blooms.

 Pink poppies.   

 According to the note these are called Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea.

I have a version of these Chinese Lanterns.  When we stopped at the visitor's center in Lafayette last year, there was a shrub blooming with these.  I fell in love with it and asked about it.  The sweet workers allowed me to break a branch from the shrub, which they said is a common weed shrub.  I planted it in the flower bed and it bloomed this spring.

How about a few piles of folded quilts?  I love photos of quilts folded and piled one on another.  They look so cozy, but I know they are also soft and warm, clean and fresh smelling, and inviting.

And I'll close with a few quilting funnies I discovered this week.

Have a great week of pinning!

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Anonymous said...

Love those flowers....I live in an apartment so I visit the park when I want to see some. Gotta love Lucy, right? I haven't seen that episode but I want to now! lol