Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Global Wildlife Center

Want to know what makes for a long day?  A field trip. 

No, no, not just any field trip: one that is about three hours from home. 

It's really long if you're the sponsor of the trip....you know, you do the planning and make sure students are where they're supposed to be.

It's a little longer if you're the bus driver because there's no napping on the bus.  And if the bus is our typical activity bus, i.e. one that rattles and fights the road, it's just a few miles harder.

But! It's a lot longer if you're the sponsor, the bus driver and the trip is in Hammond.  Worth it?  Absolutely!  We LOVED it!  As you can see from the pictures, it was definitely a trip I'd like to take again.  Maybe not as sponsor and driver, but definitely on the passenger side of a comfortable car.

More pictures on a later post.  For tonight, I'm a little tired and we have EOC testing beginning tomorrow, so I absolutely must be at school.  I'd never expect my students to field trip on Tuesday and test on Wednesday without me.  That would not be leading by example, however exhausted their example might be.

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