Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In back of the barn

I have never been so good at documenting a quilt as I am with this one.  It's been easy, though, snap a few pictures and write away.  I think it may be that the inspiration makes it especially easy.  I started with a picture of a place that is part of my family home and have so many memories of playing there.  

What is funny is that two of our boys came for supper and when Will came into the studio and took a look at the quilt, he knew immediately whose barn it is.  He got a bit involved by pointing out different sections and telling stories of his youth.  What a wonderful compliment!  That's exactly what I was hoping for.

This afternoon I started working on the background.  I wanted to include a few animals in front of the barn, but I didn't want them to be in color--just quilted in place so that the viewer doesn't see the animals unless he/she really looks for them.  The problem though is that I need a drawing on the fabric.  I figured out one way to achieve my goal: packing tape.  

I had pictures of the animals I wanted to use, so I put a piece of packing tape over the picture and drew on the tape with a Sharpie.  The tape then goes on the quilt background and I just quilt over it.  Removing the tape is a little bit of a problem, but my seam ripper is a great tool for that.

The chicken came out pretty good, and I'm pleased with the calves and the pig, too.  Following the darker lines of a Sharpie is much easier than following the lines of the pen.  I used a Frixion pen for the first animal, this calf.  The ink disappears with a quick pressing but it doesn't mark very well on the muslin that I'm using for this project.  There was no way I'd be able to follow these lines for the chickens.  The tape worked beautifully and because it sticks to the fabric, there was no shifting.

I am almost finished with the entire background.  Going around the trees and limbs was a fun challenge.

There's a lot of open background on this one, which means lots of lines.  I call this filler Southwest.  It's an easy one but takes times because it is pretty closely quilted.   

 The only thing different in the quilt is that I am not so exacting as the picture appears to be.  (For the picture I drew one line and then cheated by copying and pasting the same line two more times.)

  Tomorrow, if all goes well, the quilt comes off the longarm and I'll add more details with the Bernina.  Then it will be down to binding, which may have to wait for a few days.

Before closing tonight, I want to show you a pot of flowers that is sitting under a tree in our back yard.   These petunias are deep, dark purple, but next to the whites, they look black.

When I saw this mixture, I could not resist.  It's just so pretty and perfect for this pot.  The pot is one I bought years ago in Mexico and is huge.  In fact, we never move it because it's too heavy.  Of course, that means that it needs lots of plants.  

I think we did a good job of filling it, and that black/white combo is a real focal point for our big open yard.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt mary. I am going to have to try this technique. Do you know the name of your petunias?

CeLynn said...

How wonderful that your quilt brings back so many memories :) It is progressing quickly,and beautifully,too.

Love your "black" flowers!