Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pin It Wedne....oops! #18

I'm sorry about not pinning yesterday.  Life got in the way.  That would be a good thing though, since we got end-of-course test results and our students did very well.  I'm so proud of them and decided to treat them to an impromptu party today.  That meant going to the grocery store for party foods for almost 50 kiddos.  I also made a peach cobbler and took a bit of time to disaggregate some of the scores so that I could answer student questions today.  They did especially well on the writing portion of the test.  YAY!

So, back to pinning for Wednesday's non-post.  I have a new board, called "craft, fairs" that has pins of great ideas for craft fair displays.  Many of the bloggers I follow attend craft fairs to sell the items they produce, so I thought they might appreciate this board. 

You know how I love bags and totes!  Most of us do, so I thought I'd add a few new ones I've found recently.  You can see the "bagged, totes" board here.

And finally, some new pins of modern quilts.  Many of these come from the Robert Kaufman site which I discovered while reading a new blog on the Quilters' Festival Linky Party on Geta's Quilting Studio.  (My post is here.)  The first quilt is one I found on Pinterest, but it originates from the same Geta.  How cool?  Very.

Last bit....I'm wondering how this post idea is working.  Please participate in the survey on the right (below the Followers list) to let  me know whether you enjoy these Pinterest oriented posts.  It's just one click!  I really want to know your thoughts about this idea. 

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