Thursday, May 9, 2013

Return to GWC

On Tuesday I drove a bus of students to Southeastern University in Hammond then to Global Wildlife Center in nearby Folsom. 

The kids were tasked with learning all they could about the university, admissions, scholarships, and college life.  At GWC they were to feed the animals while learning about their habitats and needs, countries and climates, and conservation efforts. 

The photos I'm posting tonight are all from Global Wildlife. There are many more, but I've cleaned up these already.  I'll try to post some from the tour at SELU later this weekend.  Unfortunately, I can't post any of the kids here.  But I can post some on the Bunkie High Facebook page, so if you're really interested......


The baby animals are just so cute, of course, and they know it! They are smart little darlings, too, running around, begging for tidbits, sticking out their tongues, hopping on hind legs if they so much as think you'll tip that white cup.

The worst, though, are the cup thieves...those big, tall guys who jut their heads into the wagon, take advantage of your shock to grab the cup of feed, and lumber off, upturned cup empting into their mouths before you realize that $2 just walked off while you were unawares.  Oh, they can try your nerves!

And the hoards!  They come running in herds of hundreds at the slightest shake!  That white cup is one powerful little dinner bell: barely move, the rustle is a loud ring of "come and get it"!

Come and get it!  Supper's ready!  Yum yum, get some!  These guys understand all dinner bell calls.

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