Friday, May 3, 2013

Excited Granddaughters and Relay for Life Event

Last weekend I made a few small purses for our little granddaughters who are three year olds (read the post here) Marley got her purse on Sunday and on Monday Richard mailed off the other two purses.


I packed everything up into a box on Sunday and got a very excited phone call on Wednesday with Caki and Sophie both trying to say thank you at the same time. 

That was an interesting call!  I asked about the shorts that I'd made and tucked into the corners, but neither of the girls had noticed the shorts.  Caki knew that I was making the purses and was so excited that, when she grabbed one purse, the pair of shorts flew to the floor where her dad found it.  I don't know whether they fit quite yet, they'll try the shorts on this weekend, if it warms up enough!

Also this weekend is the Avoyelles Relay for Life event.  I purchased a few luminaries for my mom and grandmother.  Because I also helped in decorating the luminaries, I was able to decorate their bags myself.
 I got a few of my students involved, and of course the Betas and Explorer Club students, so that Mrs. Higgy, our in-house RfL guru and luminaria chairperson, was able to get all the bags decorated and ready for tomorrow's big day.  It's a good feeling to know that we helped in a small way to raise money for cancer research and to help cancer victims. 

The front of the bags.
These are the bags for my mom, Ellen, and for Ma-ma, my grandmother Volcie.  Both were cancer victims just before their deaths, although Ma-ma's cancer of the blood lasted for three or four years.  Mom's cancer was much more aggressive.  
The back of the bag in the
center names all eight of us
girls on one of mom's bags.

My one consolation is that neither one was in much pain.  I've heard and seen horror stories of pain and agony from cancer and am grateful that I did not see that with the two women who raised me and were such wonderful influences in my life. 

When is your Relay for Life walk?  Do you participate?  In whose memory or honor?  I'd love to hear from you!

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