Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful, happy Memorial Day and took some time to thank a veteran or pray for one.  At mass yesterday the priest asked that all veterans stand and the rest of us applauded as a way to say thank you.  The applause lasted for quite a long time while the men and women who protect us (currently or in the past) stood with honor.  I am so pleased that my sister, who we were visiting for a few days, was among those standing proudly.  

Of course, I thought of my dad, who served in the Navy during the Korean War, several of my sisters and brothers-in-law, and now another generation including my son and several nephews who have also served.  Although I personally did not serve in the military, I come from a family of men and women who have, and I am very proud of them and appreciate their sacrifices.  Sometimes the sacrifice was an easy one, but there have been times when the sacrifice was more difficult than I will ever really know or understand.

If you are a Veteran, thank you for your service to our country.  If not, please join me in thanking one. 

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