Tuesday, July 2, 2013

3rd Revolution

If you haven't visited 3rdrevolution.com, you might want to consider it.  This website was created especially for people who  craft, create, build, make, and so on.  The idea is that you post about a particular project when you begin making or refinishing something.  As you work on the project, you take photos and post them along with explanations.  Eventually you post the final photographs and the closing date of the project.  

In the meantime, other people who are interested in the type of projects you work on visit your posts, leave comments and make suggestions or ask questions.  Some follow the project; others follow you.  You can also find like-minded crafters and follow them, chat, and so on.  The blurb for 3rd Revolution notes, 

Share Your Creations. Get Feedback. Be Inspired. Millions 

of people are doing what they love. Join the Revolution, 

and show off the awesome things you do.

For starters here is the link to my own 3rd Revolution site: https://www.3rdrevolution.com/fleurdelisquilts.blogspot.com#!/projects

The website is not just for quilting and crafters, I've seen posts about refinishing cars, old trucks, and motorcycles and a few on building and refinishing furniture.  The one downfall of the site is that loading pictures and finding projects is cumbersome and a bit time consuming.  However, the site itself is a work in progress since it's been up and running only a few months.  

I really like that the people who use the site can give feedback, make suggestions, answer survey questions and so on to help improve the site and make it more user-friendly.  I'm really happy that I stumbled upon it and recommend it to anyone who enjoys creating and making things.  

Happy Quilting,

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