Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Okra and Embroidery?

Yesterday was an interesting day, which you may have gotten based on the title of this post.  First I did my three hours at summer school, which put me getting home just in time for a quick lunch then wiping down some okra to cut and cook.  

I've put the okra in the freezer before, but we always end up tossing out some that gets old.  Now most people will figure that means that we tend to put up too much.  Not this chickie--I just think there has to be a better way.  So if I don't put it in the freezer what are the other options?  Canning in jars, of course.  

Mom canned some okra that way a couple of times, and I canned okra in jars one summer but that didn't work so well.  I just figured the problem was MY problem.  That said, I didn't look up any info, read any recipes, or even call for advice.   Surely I'd figure it out. 

Perhaps I did.  Just look at these pretty pints.  Twelve in all.  Ready for a mix of family and  gumbo.

The other interesting thing is that I got supper cooked, played in the studio and worked a bit on the Victorian bolster.  I mean, when does it happen that we get to everything on the list?  

The bolster is the topic, though. I dropped in some ribbon stitches, added a red embroidered ship's wheel, and stitched down some pretty grey flowers.  How's that for advancement?

Here's the plan: add in anything that I can get my hands on by finding a place for it as I make the discovery.  It's that simple.  I found the ship wheel, or helm, while looking for some ribbon trim.  This is a way of using up some of the stuff I've stashed over the years.  

This is a crazy quilt, not an organized quilt.

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