Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I have lots of inspiration for you today.  The first quilts are architectural quilts, meaning they all deal with buildings in some manner.  The first two happen to be the same pattern done in different colorways.  Finding them was just happenstance, believe me.  Then I got lucky and happen to place them side by side here.  

Once I really started looking, I realized what a goldmine we have.  We can compare the two and really see what color does to enhance our quilts.  I love the first one=the browns and grays give it a sense of realism and order.  The second one moves the entire town to the beach!  Isn't it fun?

Although I wasn't able to determine if my theory is correct, I think the next few pics go together in one quilt.  At least, I think they would make a stunning quilt!  

A few more architecture, quilts and we'll move on.  I love these two art quilts.  The first photo was taken at a quilt show but the only information I could glean is that the show was the 2012 Road to California Show.  

Road to CA 2012

The second has Judith Reilly's name, and I was able to find her website to confirm that it is indeed one of her quilts. You should visit her site to see the beautiful artwork she creates.

Judith Reilly - Fiber Artist

And how about some photos of abandoned buildings that would make fantastic inspiration for your own architectural quilt.....

This last pic is just a random something to leave you wondering, "Why?"

Happy Pinning,

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