Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

Because I'm working on a chevron quilt for my sister, and need some ideas for quilting it, I thought I'd find a few ideas to inspire us all.  

These are just a variety of some of the quilting patterns I found on Pinterest.  When possible I've added the web address so that you can visit the sites. 

The motifs above come from an interesting source: they are from which is a furniture and bedding store.  The motifs are those that customers can choose when ordering custom spreads, comforters, etc.  I can see how they would work very well on a quilt, can't you?
I hope you find some inspiration in today's post.  I know that I've found a couple of quilting motifs that I'd like to try and at least one that I want to use on the chevron quilt.  Which of the motifs do you think you can use?  All or parts of them?
Happy Quilting,

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