Saturday, July 20, 2013

Playing in EQ7

Every now and then I open EQ7 and try my hand at figuring out how to do the things I WANT to do.  I'm not very good at being patient and learning stuff so that I can do stuff.  The problem is not the learning part--it's the patient part.  I want to learn it as I do it: not learn so I can do it.'s slow, but I'm getting better.  One reason is that I've quit trying to do.  I'm going about it the way regular people go about learning things:  I'm just learning.  Sure, I build blocks, but so far I've not used one block that I've built.  That's because....well, look at the blocks!  It's just so sad.  

I'm blaming this cruddy cough that has plagued me all stifles my creativity.  And since learning a computer program doesn't require creativity, I'm hoping that by the time the cough is gone, I'll have figured out how to manipulate EQ.

There is some good news on the EQ front, however sad the blocks appear: I used EQ to sell a quilt!  Sure, if you're determined enough, and the quilt is simple enough, and the customer is your sister (so you have an angle) it can happen.  It probably helps that the angle is I'll add some of mom's fabrics in the quilt.  

Regardless, I'll be working on this cute red/white quilt for the next few days.  I don't mind setting aside my own project for this one because it's going to a doll of a niece who is moving away.  

She's a fashionable young woman who will know that chevrons are all the rage.  Since I've been thinking of making one for that very reason, I suggested to her mom that we consider it.  Sister/mom is thrilled, niece will be thrilled, and I'm pretty happy, too.  Click, click, click and we're all together in Kansas that fast!

What's got you going to Kansas, Dorothy?  Any new projects?  Any suggestions for EQ7?  Any clue what kind of cold meds I'm on?

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