Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pin it Wednesday #28

I've been seeing lots of Christmas in July posts on other blogs, so I thought I'd jump in at the last possible moment.  Maybe this will motivate me to think about the holidays--although I doubt it since we're about to start school!  In fact, I have exactly one week before I begin counting down the days to next break.  :-)   Oh, I love my job, but let's face facts: teachers are always looking for the next break.  Loving kids means really appreciating grown-up time!

But enough about school, how about some Christmas pretties from my "Merry, Christmas" board?

I love this letter!  A truly ambitious crafter could do this in different mediums for different seasons: acorns for fall, tiny bird eggs for spring, etc.  Wouldn't they all be darling?

I need to dig up the extra huge vase that I used to do this with.  I've never included pine cones, but they add beautiful contrast and texture.  We have tiny little pine cones on one of our trees that would really work well with this idea.

And in case you're sewing for Christmas......

Merry Christmas in July and Happy Pinning,

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