Friday, November 15, 2013

A Bit of Farm Life

I got home a little earlier than usual today, even though I stayed after school to try to clean up my desk.  It’s very difficult to keep up with the paperwork.  However, since it was still daylight and Rich was out feeding the animals, I decided to go see what they are looking like these days.

They are cute and funny.  The chicken’s feathers are beginning to fill in again and the pigs: well, they look like pigs. They are really enjoying the old mustard and turnips that Rich tossed away.  When he can sell everything, he brings it home for feed.   The chickens, goats and rabbits were the only ones to feast on the greens, but now that we have two pigs, it’s getting to be a free-for-all. Because it’s getting colder here, especially at night, Rich is trying to fatten up all the animals so they can stay warm.  I wonder if I can use that excuse?  J


Happy Farming,

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